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Please Vote YES for Our School Budget THIS Tuesday & Spread the Word...

Our all-important school budget vote is THIS Tuesday, from 6am to 10pm, in Weber's All-Purpose Room. (Come up Campus Drive and you will be guided to parking and the polls.) Our budget is fiscally responsible and will strengthen Port schools for years to come. Please vote YES for the budget and for Proposition 2. To learn more, visit Port Washington's school budget info page HERESpread the word and urge your family and friends to vote. Your support for our school budget is crucial. 




Thank You for Your Support of Weber's Move-A-Thon!

Thank you Weber parents and families for your support of Weber's Move-A-Thon. Thanks to you, Weber PE classes and teams will have a room of spin bikes for fun and athletic conditioning. Plus we all enjoyed a week of new athletic activities courtesy of Weber's PE teachers. We are grateful to our Weber parents and staff!  

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Back to School Shopping Online? Support Weber With Amazon Smile. Sign up for Amazon Smile, designating the Weber HSA as your charity. See our Weber HSA (Fun)draising page for links and instructions on how to sign up. 


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Follow Weber on Instagram & Twitter. Stay connected with other Weber parents and the HSA on Facebook and YouTube.

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Community & Outreach

Do More in Port Washington: Join Weber’s active community outreach efforts. Port Washington's Parents' Council works closely with community groups and food pantries to support families in need in Port Washington and beyond. Check back here for outreach events to participate in and if you know of a need within our school or community, please contact us at the HSA!

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Committees & Contacts

Want to Get Involved at Weber? Now is the time. This year will demand the best out of all of us. Our action and volunteerism will make a tremendous difference for our students -- and for Weber's hardworking staff who will be stretched thin. Learn about Weber's NEW volunteer opportunities. Connect with our committee chairs and citywide reps.

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