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1. Log in to your Scrip account
2. Click on “Dashboard” at the top/middle of the screen
3. Under “Account Settings” at the top left of the screen, click on “Manage Non-Profits”
4. At the center of the screen, click on “+ Join Another Non-Profit”
5. Enter the Parents’ Council Enrollment Code “A95D5F4766364” in the Enrollment Code box.
6. Click “Join Organization” and PW Parents’ Council will be an option for you to choose during checkout.
7. During checkout, please make sure that you choose “Organization: Port Washington Parents’ Council” from the pulldown menu at the top of your Cart screen.





The Weber HSA’s community and outreach work is led by the Port Washington Parents’ Council. This is a citywide coordinating board consisting of the Port Washington school district’s HSAs and PTAs working with the Port Washington Board of Education, Schools Superintendent Michael Hynes and SEPTA and AGATE.


The Parents’ Council works with parent volunteers from every school to host Port Washington’s Winter and Spring Clothing Drives and its Holiday Gift Drive. The Council works closely with local food pantries and other nonprofits to help families in need. In addition, the Parents’ Council organizes events and webinars designed to support the educational needs of parents and leads Port Washington’s annual effort to get out the vote for the school budget.


Please visit the Parents’ Council Facebook page to learn about their work and upcoming events.


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